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While most facilities offer only a 12-step, one-sided approach to treatment, we understand that addictions are complex and often require multi-dimensional care.


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Your Ideal Treatment

We offer a multitude of different treatment tracks so each individual can find a path that best works for them.


Our treatment programs/tracks include:

  • Orientation Track
  • Christian Recovery 12-Step Program
  • 12-Step Track
  • Mature and Mindfulness Track
  • S.M.A.R.T. Recovery

Insurances that are NOT accepted:

Kaiser, BCBS Michigan, BCBS Alabama, Ambetter, Tricare


Don't wait to hit rock bottom before you reach out to professionals who understand and will accompany you through a process. One that will change your life and the life of loved ones around you. Remember that you are not alone. Call now to get the help you "NEED"


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